Masterclass physical acting

Physical acting proposes the body as a starting point for making theatre. In this masterclass you will be introduced to principles of physical theatre such as energy and presence on stage, improvisation and the construction of actions and short scenes through movement and body awareness. Together we will explore the potentialities of each actor/actress and get the most of your physical acting skills.

About Vitória Aquino

Vitória Aquino is an actress and dancer from Brazil. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Theatre from the University of Londrina/BR. She gained her Master in Arts with emphasis in performance and public spaced at Fontys University of Arts in Tilburg/NL. Vitória’s artistic research and curiosity flows between conscious movement practices, body dramaturgy, physical theatre and contemporary dance.

As a performer she has worked with dance companies such as Vloeistof, Particles and Willi Dorner aside from her independent artistic projects in The Netherlands. She is also co-founder of The Espiral Artistic Collective (NL/IT) and Coletivo Lua (BR).

Vitória teaches regular classes and workshops in dance, theatre and fitness for kids, adults and elderly around the Brabant area. She collaborated as performance and artistic research advisor for Fontys University of Arts, Design Academy and other independent artists and writes for Parktheater Eindhoven in her blog Vitória Visits.

Interested in interdisciplinary environments and international initiatives she was selected as talent for the Women for Women program by the Expat Spouses Initiative in Eindhoven and selected for the Apprentice Master Program by Kunstpodium-T in Tilburg.

In Brazil, she was an actress at the Stupid Theatre Co and Klauss Vianna Movement Research Group, dance teacher and artistic producer for theatre festivals and dance productions.

Have fun, meet new people & invest in yourself!

Saturday 10:00 – 17:00 hrs
Masterclass physical acting 2020
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 Acting is my way of investigating human nature
and having fun at the same time.”

Meryl Streep

I’ve learned to play a character in different emotions, how to use my voice and my imagination on stage. Ilse is dynamic, friendly, inspiring & leading by showing. She is an expert!

Dario Malone

I’ve learned to be more confident and open. To use my creativity and to be more perceptive to the changes in my environment and react to these changes.
The atmosphere during the classes was great! The fellow actors were warm and friendly. The classes were very dynamic with various themes each week. It was always exciting!

Duygu Akbulut

Ilse improved all of us!

Eduardo Nobilioni

I’ve learned how to be play a character, how to be more confident about myself and just be in the moment.
Great atmosphere! Lots of fun. I feel that 2 hours is too short…
Ilse is very creative, dedicated, full of passion and she knows how to transmit it!

Delphine Nguyen

The acting classes were high paced and full of energy.
Ilse gives good and honest feedback.
I’ve learned so much about acting and myself.
Acting was personally liberating.

Lungi Sithole

It was an exciting journey! Fun and difficult at the same time.
I learned what acting is really about. Ilse’s style is challenging and makes me feel very energetic.

Gizem Kocalar

Thanks for the amazing guidance and opening me up!

Agata Cilli

I loved the atmosphere, energy & commitment during this course. I am more aware of my body language and non verbal communication. Don’t overthink, just act! Ilse is very energetic, transparant, empowering, challenging and involves personal contribution every class.

Giulia Brusati

Ilse is very inspiring and the classes are very energetic!

Funda Nadiroglu